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Marcy Sanders

Marcy Sanders
Founder & President


A dear friend, who’s a Realtor®, said to Marcy in 2002, “I really need checklists to organize my real estate business and there’s none available on the market.  With your extensive real estate experience, organizational skills and a love of spreadsheets, you should create some forms.”  And that’s how OrganizeMeForms™ began.

Marcy Sanders started developing real estate forms and checklists in February 2002.  It’s been a labor of love for her over 12 years and (80) residential real estate forms and checklists have been created and copyright protected.   Marcy Sanders has over 20 years of diverse real estate experience which has enabled her to have the insight and knowledge to create this amazing product. Additionally, she’s always been a very highly organized individual who has created and used forms and checklists to help keep herself organized no matter what the task.

She strongly believes that rookies, as well as seasoned agents, will both benefit tremendously from using OrganizeMeForms™.  “The Devil’s in the Details.”  Utilizing these powerful forms will keep agents highly organized.  Consequently, agents will be rewarded  with repeat business and referrals for years to come.


Marcy Sanders – Work Experience

  • Account Manager – Multiple MLS Vendors
  • Marketing Manager & Closing Coordinator – Residential Real Estate Team (11 Team Members)
  • Operations Manager for a Top Producer – Luxury Home Market
  • Customer Care Coordinator –  Warranty Division – Residential Home Builder
  • Broker Assistant – Luxury Real Estate Company
  • Product Support Specialist – Real Estate Software Company
  • Director of Marketing – Association of Realtors


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About OrganizeMeForms™

Providing real estate agents with a unique collection of detailed real estate forms and checklists to assist them in organizing their day-to-day business, transactions, marketing initiatives etc. Several invaluable team forms that will take teams to the next level. A variety of customer forms designed to keep agents customers focused and on-track during the listing, selling and moving process. For more information, visit http://www.zipForm.com/forms/omf and https://www.facebook.com/organizemeforms

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