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Amazing Photo Taking Tips For Listing Agents

Tips for Taking Fabulous Listing Photos

1. Declutter:  Ask the seller to declutter and have the property neat and orderly inside/outside prior to taking photos. Have the sellers remove everything from the kitchen countertops.
2. Staging:  Fluff the pillows, place a bowl of fruit on the dining room table etc. Use your imagination and make each room, and exterior seating areas, look inviting!
3. Lighting:  Turn on all lights in each room prior to taking photos e.g. ceiling light, table lamps etc.
4. Photo Taking Method:  Stand in the corners of each room when taking photos.
5. Exterior Lighting:  Take exterior photos on a bright sunny day.
6. Lawn/Landscaping:  Make sure to have the seller mow the grass prior to taking photos. Additionally, potted or planted brightly colored flowers will add to the property’s curb appeal.
7. Nighttime Photos:  In a luxury market you’ll want to take several exterior photos of the property at night. Make sure all lights are turned on inside and outside of the home prior to taking photos.
8. Distractions:  Leave pets, children, homeowners and vehicles out of the photos. Too distracting!
9. Camera vs. Cell:   You don’t need an expensive camera to take amazing photos. You can take outstanding photos with your cell phone. Practice makes perfect!!  Use a photo editing application on your computer to crop and edit each photo.
10. Number of Photos:  Take several photos of the interior and exterior of the property.  More is always better!!  If you don’t know how many photos can be uploaded for your listing in the MLS, check with your association or MLS vendor.

The reality is that not everyone is a photographer.  If you don’t take great photos then hire a photographer who will (marketing dollars well spent).  Undoubtedly, beautiful property photos will help sell your listing.


Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed in blogs on this website are solely those of Marcy Sanders.  The information provided on this site is for general informational and educational purposes only.

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