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Do I pay a one time fee for OrganizeMeForms™?
You pay a yearly fee of $74.96 at the same time you renew your zipForm® subscription.

What is the cost for OrganizeMeForms™?
The cost is $74.96 a year.  The initial payment is prorated and based on your zipForm® subscription.

Is there discount pricing for zipForm® customers to sign up?
OrganizeMeForms™ is only available to zipForm® customers. The full price is $74.96/year. The price is prorated based on your zipForm® subscription date. The only discounted pricing is available for multiple users. Call zipLogix at 866-693-6767 for pricing information.

I’d like to purchase OrganizeMeForms™ for my Team. Do you offer discounted pricing for Teams?
Yes, there is tier pricing for multiple users. Call zipLogix at 866-693-6767 for pricing information.

I’m a Broker and want to purchase OrganizeMeForms™ for agents in my office. Do you offer discounted pricing for Brokers?
Yes, there is tier pricing for multiple users. Call zipLogix at 866-693-6767 for pricing information.

Can I purchase/use the forms if I’m not a zipForm® customer?
No.  You must purchase the forms through zipLogix and they can only used within zipForm®.

Where can I purchase OrganizeMeForms™?

If I have questions about the cost of these forms who can I talk to?
Call zipLogix at 866-693-6767.

How does OrganizeMeForms™ integrate with zipForm®?
OrganizeMeForms™ is available to be used in conjunction with the zipForm® platform in addition to your Association and/or MLS form library.   The user enters values into the zipForm® cover sheet fields for a new transaction and those fields auto-populate into the OrganizeMeForms™ form fields.


Where can I see customer testimonials for OrganizeMeForms™?

I’m using OrganizeMeForms™ and want to provide a testimonial.  Where can I do that?


I purchased  and am currently using OrganizeMeForms™.  I have some questions for support.  Who can I contact?
Call zipLogix at 586-840-0140.   https://ziplogix.com/contact-us/


Who created OrganizeMeForms™?
Marcy Sanders, Founder & President

Are the forms copyright protected?
Yes, all (85) forms are copyright protected and may not be duplicated or edited.

What type of forms are included?
Agent, Customer and Team forms.

When are the forms updated?
The forms are updated as needed.

Where are sample forms for me to view?
Unfortunately, we don’t have sample forms available for viewing.  This is because of a possible copyright infringement if any of the forms were to be duplicated.

Are the forms similar to the forms that are provided by my AOR/MLS?
No, OrganizeMeForms™ does not complete with your AOR/MLS forms. OrganizeMeForms™ will assist you with organizing your transactions, marketing, listings and day-to-day real estate business.

Can the forms be used by real estate agents in all states?
The forms are suitable for use by agents in the U.S., but realize there will be some variation as real estate sales contracts for all (50) states are not identical.  We’ve provided forms specific to whether the buyer or seller is selecting the title company at closing. This will vary county-to-county.

I’m using OrganizeMeForms™ and have some ideas for new forms. Who can I share my new form ideas with?
You may use the “Contact Us” email form and let us know your form ideas. Please be as detailed as possible in your request. http://www.organizemeforms.com/contact-us

Are there any forms are on the market similar to OrganizeMeForms™?
OrganizeMeForms™ are uniquely designed forms and checklists for use by agents, customers and teams. There are no similar forms available on the market.

Is OrganizeMeForms™ on social media?
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/organizemeforms
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/organizemeforms
Twitter: @OrganizeMeForms
Instagram: @OrganizeMeForms



About OrganizeMeForms™

Providing real estate agents with a unique collection of detailed real estate forms and checklists to assist them in organizing their day-to-day business, transactions, marketing initiatives etc. Several invaluable team forms that will take teams to the next level. A variety of customer forms designed to keep agents customers focused and on-track during the listing, selling and moving process. For more information, visit http://www.zipForm.com/forms/omf and https://www.facebook.com/organizemeforms

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