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10 Days Prior to Closing Checklist – Buyer
10 Days Prior to Closing Checklist – Seller
After the Closing Checklist
Appliance Inventory
Appliance Service Log
Authorization to Order Inspections
Closing Checklist – Buyer
Closing Checklist – Buyer and Seller (Dual Agent)
Closing Checklist – Buyer BSTC
Closing Checklist – Seller
Closing Checklist – Seller BSTC
Closing Day Details
Closing Schedule – Long
Closing Schedule – Short
Customer Tracking
FAQ’s – Closing – Buyer
FAQ’s – Closing – Seller
Fax – Lender – Contract (Selling Agent)
Fax – Listing Agent – Additional Escrow (Selling Agent)
Fax – Listing Agent – Escrow Check (Selling Agent-SSTC)
Fax – Listing Agent – Escrow Check and Title Co Info (Selling Agent BSTC)
Fax – Request for Showing Feedback (Listing Agent)
Fax – Selling Agent – Sellers Disclosure (Listing Agent-BSTC)
Fax – Selling Agent – Sellers Disclosure and Title Co Info (Listing Agent-SSTC)
Fax – Title Company – Contract (Listing Agent-SSTC)
Fax – Title Company – Contract (Selling Agent-BSTC)
Fax – Title Company – Lender Info (Selling Agent)
Final Walk Through Checklist – Buyer
Home Inspection Preparation – Seller
Home Maintenance Schedule
Home Maintenance Tips
Home Orientation – Buyer
Homewatch Inspection
Homework – Seller
HVAC and Plumbing Inventory
HVAC and Plumbing Service Log
Inventory Report
Inventory Report – LAND
Inventory Report – MULTI
Inventory Report – RES
Key Log
Listing Checklist – Seller
Listing Photos – Selection and Sequence
Marketing Initiatives
Moving Checklist – Buyer
New Home Criteria – Seller
Open House – New MLS Prospect
Open House Sign-In
Open House – Stimulating The Senses
Order for Inspections
Pre-Closing Steps – Buyer
Pre-Closing Steps – Seller
Profile – Buyer
Realtor Tour Sign-In
Referral Tracking – Incoming
Referral Tracking – Outgoing
Remote Seller Checklist
Rental History – Seller
Sales Report
Service Providers – Seller
Showing Appointment Details
Showing Feedback – Seller
Showing Log
Showing Schedule
Team – Assignment of Internet Leads
Team – Buyer and Listing Agent Contact Information
Team – Customer Survey
Team – Monthly Bonus Submittal – Closing Coordinator
Team – Monthly Bonus Submittal – Listing Coordinator
Team – Monthly Bonus Tracking – Closing Coordinator
Team – Monthly Bonus Tracking – Listing Coordinator
Team – Monthly Commission Submittal – Buyer’s Agent
Team – Monthly Commission Tracking – Buyer’s Agent
Team – Moving Truck In/Out Log
Team – Moving Truck Inspection Log
Team – Moving Truck Reservation Log
Team – Sales and Listing Goals
Tenant Fact Sheet – Seller
Utility and Garbage Information – Seller


Listing Agent – Works with Sellers who are selling their property.
Selling Agent – Works with Buyers who are purchasing property.
BSTC=Buyer Selects the Title Company
SSTC=Seller Selects the Title Company


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