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Welcome to OrganizeMeFormsOrganizeMeForms™ (85) Handcrafted Residential Real Estate Forms and Checklists.  Providing agents with a unique collection of detailed forms to assist them in getting organized with their day-to-day business activities.   Several invaluable team forms that will organize real estate teams and take them to the next level.

Included are a variety of customer forms that are designed to keep the agents customers focused and on-track after you’ve listed their property, before closing day, throughout the moving process, prior to the home inspection, during the final walk through etc.

Whether an agent is seasoned or new to real estate they won’t be overlooking any steps in their real estate transactions using OrganizeMeForms™.  Those agents will be more apt to get customer referrals and repeat business which is the goal of every top producing agent.

  • AGENT FORMS: Buyer Profile, Closing Checklist, Customer Tracking, Listing Checklist, Marketing Initiatives, Realtor Sign-In, Referral Tracking, Remote Seller Checklist, Sales Report, Showing Log, Showing Schedule….
  • CUSTOMER FORMS: 10 Days Prior to Closing, Appliance Inventory, Closing Steps, Home Inspection Preparation, Home Maintenance Schedule, Moving, Pre-Closing Steps, Rental History, Seller Homework, Tenant Fact Sheet…
  • TEAM FORMS: Assignment of Internet Leads, Monthly Bonus Submittal, Monthly Bonus Tracking, Buyer’s Agent Agreement, Buyer’s Agent Commission Agreement, Moving Truck Reservation Log, Sales and Listing Goals…

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December 2014

Press Release – zipForm® users will have access to powerful forms that will transform their business. OrganizeMeForms™ and zipLogix™ have partnered to market and distribute organizational forms for all real estate professionals. zipForm® users may purchase this library of eighty forms. Each form has been crafted specifically to assist real estate professionals in organizing all aspects of their business. Walt McDonald, chairman of the zipLogix™ board of directors, made the announcement. Click here to read more…

September 2014

zipLogix™ and OrganizeMeForms™ have formed a new partnership.  zipLogix™ will market and sell OrganizeMeForms™ as a separate library of forms to their zipForm® customers. Click here to read more…

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“We can see that an incredible amount of knowledge, practical experience, and detail went into the creation of OrganizeMeForms™.  As 2nd year realtors, these forms will be of immense value to us for years to come as they help keep a deluge of details organized.   As retired teachers, we are accustomed to checklists and always said that we should create checklists of the various facets of real estate transactions for ourselves.  Well, we can take that lofty goal off our plate, thanks to you!   OrganizeMeForms™ have saved us valuable time and energy that we can better spend working directly with our customers and providing them excellent service.”

Robert & Ann Sullivan
John R. Wood Properties, Bonita Springs, FL

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OrganizeMeForms™ Distinctively Handcrafted Real Estate Forms & Checklists – Providing Real Estate Professionals, their Customers and Teams with a unique collection of detailed forms to keep them on-track with task management. The solution agents have been waiting for! Start using OrganizeMeForms™ today and soon you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful top producer.

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