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5 Tips to get Rookies on the Fast Track

Success Tips for Real Estate Rookies

Mentor.   Find an experienced real estate agent, partner or team that can teach and mentor you.  Also, talk to top producers in your office and let them share with you what they’ve learned on their road to success.

Farm Area.  Determine what specific areas and neighborhoods you’re going to focus your marketing efforts on. Learn all you can about real estate in those areas and become the real estate expert.  Prospective buyers and sellers want to work with agents who are knowledgeable about real estate and specific neighborhoods they’re selling or buying in.

Networking.  Network and create your “Sphere of Influence.”  This is a group of people who you will be actively marketing your business to. Start with your family, friends and acquaintances. Be a social butterfly and meet new people through hobbies, activities, volunteering.  Build long lasting relationships that will in turn provide referrals and repeat business for years to come.

Open House.  Ask top producers, in your office, if you can host open houses at their listings. The reality is an open house will rarely attract a buyer for that specific property, but it’s a great opportunity for you to meet prospective buyers and sellers.   Have bottled water and food available.  Prospects will stay longer and talk to you if there’s food.  

Marketing.  Spend the money and have an awesome website created.  Also set up a Facebook business page, Instagram and Twitter.  You need to market and sell YOU and your abilities as an agent. Why would I choose you, a brand new agent, to list my property? What qualities do you possess that make you stand out among all other agents? How are you going to market my property? Determine specific points on why buyers and sellers would hire you, a rookie, over every other agent.  At this stage, you might not have any listings to market and sell, but you are selling yourself!

–>Listen, learn and put 200% effort into your new career. Spend time mastering your MLS system. You’re not going to become a top producer overnight. It will take time to establish yourself in real estate and to acquire listings.

Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed in blogs on this website are solely those of Marcy Sanders.  The information provided on this site is for general informational and educational purposes only.

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