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 “OrganizeMeForms™ is unquestionably KEY to my business.  They assist me with timely execution of the numerous items that must be completed during the selling and buying process.  More importantly OrganizeMeForms™ facilitates communication between all parties involved helping to build and maintain professional standards and relationships.  I recommend OrganizeMeForms™ to the real estate professional that is determined to get an edge on the competition.”

Deborah Compton, Realtor® GRI
Realty Executives

“I started using OrganizeMeForms™ November 2004 and the amount of time I am in front of people generating revenue has increased dramatically.   I no longer waste valuable time at my desk struggling to keep my business organized.   I use the OrganizeMeForms™ system to handle all of my new leads, listings and closings.   I highly recommend OrganizeMeForms™.”

Robert Pailes, Realtor®
Pfeifer Realty Group

“I’ve been utilizing OrganizeMeForms™ since January 2003.  My transactions have never been so organized!  There are many steps involved in handling each new listing/closing and OrganizeMeForms™ keeps me on-track and on-schedule.  I sincerely believe these forms will help me take my business to the next level.”

Mike McMurray, Realtor® GRI, CRS
Royal Shell Real Estate

“As an Agent on my own and as a Buyer’s Specialist for two top Real Estate Teams, I have found OrganizeMeForms™ to be very helpful in this busy and sometimes confusing world of Real Estate. OrganizeMeForms™ keeps you on track and always a step ahead, which is a real asset in this kind of business. I highly recommend OrganizeMeForms™ to anyone in the business of selling Real Estate.”

Carrie Scott, Realtor®
VIP Realty Group

“We can see that an incredible amount of knowledge, practical experience, and detail went into the creation of OrganizeMeForms™.  As 2nd year realtors, these forms will be of immense value to us for years to come as they help keep a deluge of details organized.   As retired teachers, we are accustomed to checklists and always said that we should create checklists of the various facets of real estate transactions for ourselves.  Well, we can take that lofty goal off our plate, thanks to you!   OrganizeMeForms™ have saved us valuable time and energy that we can better spend working directly with our customers and providing them excellent service.”

Robert Sullivan, Realtor® GRI
Ann Sullivan, Realtor® GRI
John R. Wood Properties

“I have read every one of the forms.  Overall I think OrganizeMeForms™ is wonderful!  I especially like the ones that are designed for buyers and sellers.  You allow the paperwork to do the talking.”

Cindy Kruesi, CRB, CRS
Broker Associate
John R. Wood Properties

 “I found OrganizeMeForms™ to be very helpful.  The attention to detail is great, and truly keep me organized! No stone was left unturned. I am a “checklist person” so the forms are a godsend. I especially like the Moving Checking, the Final Walk-Through Checklist, and the (3) Closing Checklists. If you follow them you will have smooth closings, and your clients will really appreciate it (this means they will call you again!). Give them a try, you’ll be glad you did!”

Sherry Lamb, Realtor® 
Listing/Closing Coordinator
RE/MAX Realty Group

“They’re great!  OrganizeMeForms™ are very helpful and keep me on track.  They simplify the whole closing process.  I use the forms every day for my clients.  I’m new to real estate in Florida and the forms have helped me with all the steps involved.  When I worked in real estate in New York, we gave the contract to the Real Estate Attorney and he handled all aspects of the closing.  I’d be lost without OrganizeMeForms™.”

Carol Eaton
Closing Coordinator
VIP Realty Group

“In the real estate industry where organization, timeliness and precision are paramount to success, Marcy Sanders and her innovative OrganizeMeForms™ bring order and continuity to a much fragmented process.  Real estate agents on the fast track should not be without this product.”

Santo (Sandy) Tambone
Executive Officer
Mid-Hudson Multiple Listing Service, Inc.


“Having worked with Marcy Sanders in a number of different roles over the years, I can say without question she shows exceptional attention to detail and is very customer focused.  Marcy is an extremely creative and talented individual with excellent knowledge of the real estate industry.  Her broad based experience and varied skill set provides for the best in quality products and services.”

Berry Catlin
Regional Account Manager

Berry Catlin

“Congratulations on an excellent product idea and execution!  I like the way you’ve stuck to what you know and produced a professional product that obviously has market potential.  It’s also very encouraging to note that you are aware of that market potential.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people invest huge amounts of time and money on something they “think” will do well, when they could have “known” it would do well with some basic research. I’m confident you will do well.  Especially if you are as dedicated to it as I’ve seen you be to your employer.”

G. Richard Bellamy
Chief Technical Officer



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