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5 Mistakes Team Leaders Should Avoid

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 Being a Successful Team Leader Requires You To Steer Clear From Negativity

1. Arrogance. You might be a Top Producer, but being a sarcastic know-it-all won’t help you lead a team. Be genuinely interested in helping everyone grow on your team. Have a caring helpful attitude.
2. Micro-Manage. Don’t eavesdrop and critique every phone conversation or constantly micro-manage everything they do. Give your team the tools and guidance they need to succeed. Don’t cause them anxiety by keeping them under a microscope.
3. Favoritism. Don’t play favorites! Treat everyone on your team the same. Be fair and objective.
4. Unrealistic Work Schedule. Don’t expect your admin staff to work 24/7. Understand that they do have a personal life. Don’t give them a work cell phone thinking it’s acceptable to call them anytime of the day or night when they’re not working.
5. Unethical Behavior. Never tarnish your image, or that of your team members, by doing anything you know is unethical. Once you tarnish your reputation in real estate, you’ll never get it back. Your standards and integrity should be of the highest caliber. Be a role model for what your team members should aspire to be.

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