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7 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips for Agents

Social  Media Marketing 101:  Begin.  Learn.  Grow.

1.  Social Media Channels.  If you’re new to social media marketing, start off by creating accounts on a few channels (not all of them!).  I suggest starting with a Business Facebook page and Instagram.   Invite your friends, family and past customers to like your business pages.

2.  Consistency.  Be consistent and commit to posting on your social media channels once a day.

3.  Content and Images.  Content is king!  Be creative, funny and informative with your posts.   Take time to find and use great images.  If you’re at a loss for what to post, there are apps available that will assist you in finding great real estate content.

4.  Hashtags.  In the search window within each social media channel, search hashtag + keyword you want to use to find out which ones are most popular i.e. #realestate, #realtor, #luxuryrealestate etc.  I also get hashtag ideas from others who are posting in the real estate industry and then do a search to see how popular each hashtag is before I use it.  Use hashtags at the end of your post/tweet or also throughout the post/tweet verbiage (do that sparingly or it becomes difficult to read!).  Following are my recommendations for the number of hashtags to use:  Facebook (2-3), Instagram (11-Do not combine hashtags with the image caption.  Put them in a comment.), Twitter (2-3), LinkedIn (0), Pinterest (0).

5.  Personal vs. Business.  It’s important that your personal and business pages on social media are separate.   I believe over the weekend it’s acceptable to post something more personal on your business pages, but always keep it classy and tasteful.  Never get too personal on your business pages.  Don’t post images that are sexy or controversial.  If you do, you’re hurting your brand and reputation.

6.  Analytics.  Review analytics periodically to see what days and times your posts are getting the most engagements and views.  Adjust accordingly.

7.  Scheduling.  Posting on (2) social media channels once daily can be done easily, however, if you decide to branch out and start using additional channels like Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn etc. you’ll want to research and use a social media scheduling app.  There are a number of free scheduling apps and some charge a small monthly fee.  I highly recommend that you talk with your peers and see which one they feel is the most popular and user friendly.




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