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Listing Agents should encourage their sellers to have a home inspection done by a Licensed Home Inspector immediately after they obtain a listing (especially if the property is older). Having a home inspection report available to prospective buyers gives them peace of mind that there are no major defects. Also, by having a home inspection done up front it will uncover any defects the sellers were unaware of and those issues can be fixed from the get-go. The only drawback to doing this is if the property doesn’t sell quickly then the home inspection report would eventually be outdated. Typically, once there is a contract on the property the buyers will want their own home inspection report and they will pay for it. Having the sellers obtain a home inspection report gives them, and the Listing Agent, the insight on defects and the time to remedy them from the beginning of the listing. Being organized and proactive is a plus! Provide your sellers with qualified referrals to get repairs completed for items noted on the home inspection report. The report also let’s prospective buyers know the property is defect free. Or, if there were issues you can show prospective buyers the receipts for the work that was completed.

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