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  • Extrovert.
  • Problem Solver.
  • Great Negotiator.

No one ever said being a real estate professional would be an easy career.   It’s not.  A career in real estate can be highly stressful and all consuming.  You need to set boundaries, otherwise, you’ll be working around the clock and burn out very quickly.  You need to make time for a personal life.  To be successful in real estate it’s important to have that “It Factor” that separates you from other agents.   You need to be a visionary and think outside-the-box to get the results you’re seeking and to stand out like a shining star among other agents.  You need to be a real estate adviser.  Having a “hard sell” mentality will get you nowhere.   The soft, caring approach will take your business to a higher level.  Be meticulous and highly organized in every aspect of your real estate business.   In doing so, you’ll be rewarded with repeat business and referrals from your customers for years to come.   To grow your business, you must be a social butterfly and network in groups, organizations, MeetUp, volunteering, etc. so you can expand your “Sphere of Influence.”  Choose social activities that  mirror your interests so you can  acquire genuine connections with other people.  Networking is not just about handing out business cards it’s about being authentic and showing who you are as a person.

On your path to success always be tenacious and believe in your abilities.  “Stay the Course” and never ever give up!


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