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Killer Networking Strategies


If You’re Not Networking 360 Degrees, You’ll Never Become a Top Producer

Peers.  Go on Realtor Tours, attend weekly sales meetings in your office, socialize and work on continuing to improve your people skills with other agents.

Sphere of Influence.  Routinely keep in touch with your customers.  They will consider you to be genuinely thoughtful if you send them birthday and anniversary cards.   If they inform you that they have an interest in buying or selling down the road, enter them into the MLS system as a prospect and have daily matched listings emailed to them.  Make time to reach out and periodically call them and always be authentic.   Inquire as to how they’re doing and see what their current real estate needs are.   They’re not only your customers, they’re your lifelong friends.   You should find out what their interests are so that you can connect with them at mutual activities that you also enjoy doing  i.e. PTA, Fishing, Bowling, Golfing, Boating, Tennis, Volunteer Events etc.

Prospects.  Join groups, clubs and volunteer with your favorite not-for-profit organizations.  Participate in activities involving your children where you can meet and befriend other parents.   You must become a social butterfly and continue to find avenues to meet people and develop new friendships.  You need to regularly increase your “Sphere of Influence.”

Being an agent it’s imperative that you spend a significant amount of time networking in order to grow your business. Networking is so much more than just showing up to an event and handing out your business card to everyone in the room.  Networking is about  building relationships.  Be diligent in your effort to network on a regular basis.  That behavior will help get you on the path to success.


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