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5 Must Have Traits To Protect Your Brand

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5 Attributes of an Agent Who Values Their Reputation

  1. Integrity
  2. Honesty
  3. Dependability
  4. Authentic
  5. Humble

In the real estate business your reputation is EVERYTHING.   Don’t tarnish it by deceitful, underhanded or  immoral behavior.  Following are some examples of bad behavior that will put a black cloud over your reputation and brand:

  • An agent withholds his assistant’s bonus after a closing.  He has a reputation over the years of not paying his assistant’s all of the bonuses they rightfully earned.  Because the bonus agreements were never in writing when he hired his assistant’s he feels he can withhold their bonus for whatever reason.
  • An agent obtains a home inspection report from a listing agent (seller paid for it) who gave  him permission to review it, but asked him not to share it with his buyers.  The agent immediately faxes the inspection report to each of his  buyers.
  • An agent belittles his assistant when she refuses to take his online continuing education test.  She tells the agent taking the test for him is unethical.  The agent loudly proclaims that he should have included that task in his assistant’s  job description.  Everyone in the office overhears him.
  • An agent consistently doesn’t pay his business related bills when they’re due.  Vendors are calling him, and his assistant, on a weekly basis asking why he hasn’t paid his bill.
  • An agent attends a Realtor’s Tour for another agent in her office and upon leaving the property the agent engages in conversation with prospective buyers and gives them her business card.
  • Agents periodically approach a top producer in their office asking for advice, but the agent is too arrogant to share her knowledge for success with them.
  • A Buyer’s Agent tells her customer it’s impossible for her to get together this afternoon because she’s in another part of town.   In actuality, she’s in the office all day.  Everyone in close proximity to her desk hears this phone conversation.

Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed in blogs on this website are solely those of Marcy Sanders.  The information provided on this site is for general informational and educational purposes only.

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