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Top 5 FAQs Agents Have About Social Media Marketing

Key Questions That Agents Have About Social Media

1.  What do I post or tweet?  Use graphics and great content.  Blog regularly on your website about real estate and share to your social media channels.  The topic of what you post OrganizeMeFormsand tweet about should be real estate and always maintain a positive tone.  Some believe that cross promoting your social media channels is useful, while others feel it’s a waste of time.  You can try cross promoting and determine if the juice is worth the squeeze.  You’ll need to think and plan what type of posts would be best suited for each of your social media channels.

2.  How frequently should I post and tweet?  Post to Facebook and Instagram once a day. Tweet 5-6 times a day.  Other channels such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ — post periodically.  Some of your platforms can be linked together like “Facebook and Twitter.”  If you post/tweet on one of those platforms, your post/tweet will publish to the other.  I wouldn’t suggest doing this 100% of the time.  You want your posts and tweets to be unique and not identical on all channels.

3.  Do I need an app to manage my social network channels?  If you have more than a few channels that you’re posting and tweeting to, it would be advantageous.  Check with
your peers and poll them to find out which scheduling app they use and love.  Some apps are free while others charge a minimal monthly fee.

4.  Should I advertise my listings on social media?  You can certainly post and advertise some of your listings on Facebook and Instagram.  The more exposure, the better!   I would advise against posting other agent’s listings.  It gives the impression that the listings are yours and you don’t want to offend the listing agent.

5.  Should I have an outline for what I’m posting?  Yes, you should.  As an example, I put together a posting schedule for my business Facebook page to help keep me organized:  Monday – Sales, Tuesday – Real Estate News, Wednesday – One of my blog posts, Thursday – Inspirational Quote, Friday – Real Estate Joke, Weekend – Optional-Something on the personal side to let people get to know the real me.  On Facebook, I promote Instagram once a month and Twitter periodically.  *Embrace a soft sales approach on social media.  Do not post or tweet daily pushing sales.   

The most important tip I can give agents about social media marketing is don’t create social media accounts, post once or twice and then abandon them.  You have to nurture and maintain your social media channels, just like a beautiful garden.  It takes creativity and effort on a regular basis.  If you want a great presence on social media, make the commitment and stay the course.

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