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Avoid These 10 Mistakes When Dealing with High-End Sellers

Missteps Listing Agents Should Avoid

  1. Lack of Communication.  Not consistently communicating with sellers.  Sellers want to be kept up-to-date on all activity surrounding the sale of their property.
  2. Not Pre-Qualifying Buyers.  Always make sure prospects are pre-qualified before showing the property.
  3. Ineffective Marketing.  Sellers will insist that you have an impressive and comprehensive marketing plan.  Have a variety of aerial photos taken and mark the property lines on them.  Create fabulous flyers and feature sheets.  Advertise in luxury home magazines.
  4. Unavailable for Showings.  Sellers will want you to be present during all showings (not your Assistant!).   Make time prior to each showing to expertly stage the property.
  5. Not Tech Savvy.  High-end properties will typically have very expensive and complex lighting, alarm and sound systems.  Make sure you spend enough time with the sellers showing you how it all works and take good notes.  If the property is vacant, feel free to use sticky notes on switches and controls so you remember how they operate.
  6. No Inventory List.  If the property is being sold with all contents included in the sale you need to immediately do a full inventory of every item in that property.  Make sure the sellers advise you what items are personal and they’re taking with them.  Have the sellers review and sign off on the inventory list.
  7.  Lacking Keys & Clickers.   If the property is vacant make sure that you get all keys for doors, windows, garage, attic access door, boat lift as well as gate and garage door clickers etc.  Collect all of those from the Sellers when the property is listed and keep them in a secure place.  If a home inspector needs any of those keys during an inspection and they’re not available, the sellers will blame you.
  8. Not Monitoring Their Property.  If this isn’t the sellers primary residence, you’ll have a second job title “Mr/Ms Home Watch.”  Sellers will expect  you to be their eyes and ears if anything is going wrong with their property i.e. pool isn’t being cleaned, grass isn’t being cut, A/C isn’t working, toilet overflowed, damage from mother nature, etc.  Update sellers on the condition of their property on a weekly basis.
  9. No Impressive Realtor Tour.  Sellers will want you to hold a grand broker’s open for your fellow agents and brokers.  Be creative and make sure you have delicious food and beverages available.  They’ll stay longer if you do!   Don’t forget to use the OrganizeMeForms™ “Realtor Tour Sign-In” form so you know who attended and capture their invaluable feedback to share with your sellers.
  10. No Market Updates.  Your sellers will want to know what similar properties in their neighborhood are new, pending or sold.  Add your sellers as prospects in the MLS so they get automated email notifications of market activity for their area.

Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed in blogs on this website are solely those of Marcy Sanders.  The information provided on this site is for general informational and educational purposes only.

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