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Critical Questions Sellers Must Ask Before Listing

Questions to Ask an Agent During the Listing Presentation

  1. Experience.  How long have you been selling real estate?  Full time or part time?
  2. Sales.  How many properties have you sold over the last 12 months?
  3. Fees.  What is your commission?
  4. Luxury Market.   If the property is in a luxury market — How many properties have you listed and sold over the last year in a luxury market?
  5. Marketing.  How do you plan to advertise our property?  Where do you advertise your listings  i.e. print, website. social media channels etc.?
  6. Listing Agreement.   How long are we committed to the agreement?  What if we’re not pleased, are there repercussions if we want to terminate the agreement?

Sellers should always interview at least 2-3 agents.  Never list with an agent solely because he or she is an acquaintance or friend-of-a-friend.  Make sure the agent is qualified, highly organized and your personalities mesh well together.  Be crystal clear on communication expectations with your agent.

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